Our 3 Steps to revitalising Carpets,
                   Upholstrey & Curtains

                                                  Step 1

A thorough brushing of the material in order to loosen up and extract dirt and dust from the fibres, followed by a thorough hoover with our high powered machine.

                                                               Step 2

An application of chemicals and stain removers specified for the material concerned, and the chemical mixture agitated to:

- 1. further break-up any remaining dirt and dust, and

- 2. freshen up the fibres of the material.

                                                                Step 3

A rinse of the chemical mixture out of the material with our unique rinsing agent, which is then high power extracted along with any remaining dirt and dust.

When the chemical, water and any remaining dirt and dust has been extracted, we reset the pile through agitating the fibres with a pile brush.

Following this process, a wait of a few hours will see the material dry and revitalised.
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